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We have ISO90001 quality system, quality tracing system, quality assessment system, process control documents and 6S management on the spot in very production step to control product quality.

1.Process control: all production and manufacturing stepsare strictly in accordance with the technical process instructions. Staff have professional training and follow the technical process instructions to ensure the consistency of the production process.

2.Quality tracing system: record product related information such as staff, equipment, material, environment and so on at any time. The production code is created automatically. All the original data of the lithium battery can be traced by code.

3.Quality assessment system: daily inspection and evaluation of the production workshops; timely urge the staff to strictly control the norms, to ensure the quality of products.

4.On-site 6S management: through the 6S management improve the overall environment of the production workshops, the image of the company and the working efficiency. Eliminate the error and ensure the product quality.


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