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Matrix 72V 75Ah electric motorcycles battery

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Matrix 72V 75Ah electric motorcycles battery

The light weight and long range of Matrix electric motorcycle batteries make electric motorcycle performance stand out. Our motorcycle batteries also yield a long service life and storage capacity, lasts longer than comparable motorcycle batteries.

  • Safety
  • Drop-in Replacement
  • Lightweight
  • Longest Life
  • More Usable Capacity
  • Constant Power
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Charging – Fast & Safe
  • PSOC Tolerant
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Maintenance Free
Matrix 72V 75Ah electric motorcycles battery
  • 72V 75AhElectric bicycle battery specifications: 72V 75Ah
  • Safety guarantee: The lithium battery has built-in BMS protection and real-time monitoring of battery status to fully ensure your safety. High-quality battery cells and PVC materials provide additional protection for battery safety.
  • Long battery life: The electric motorcycle battery can travel about 85km-120km, providing sufficient power for your travels. (Determined by travel speed, distance, load, power and road conditions)
  • Wide scope of application: The 72V electric bicycle lithium battery can be used in electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric go-karts, electric tricycles, electric cars, and can replace iron phosphate batteries, etc.

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