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Matrix 60V 15AH E-scooter battery

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Matrix 60V 15AH E-scooter battery

48V 25Ah lithium battery pack for Electric Scooter

  • Safety
  • Drop-in Replacement
  • Lightweight
  • Longest Life
  • More Usable Capacity
  • Constant Power
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Charging – Fast & Safe
  • PSOC Tolerant
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Maintenance Free

60V 15AH scooter battery

Battery Type Samsung 25RT cells 16S6P
Volts 60V
Capacity 15A
Assemble way 16S6P
Dimensions 320x110x75mm or customized
Motor Power 250W
Standard charge current 0.2C
Standard discharge current 1C
Max charge current 0.5C
Max discharge current 3C
Weight 5.3kgs (Approx.)
PCM Protection Over charge;Over discharge;Over current;Short protection;Temperature protection.
Cycle Life (80% Prime Capacity)  ≥500 times
Operating temperature Charging: 0 °C ~+60 °C
Discharging: 0 °C ~+60 °C
Application E-bike, E-scooter

60V15AH scooter battery


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