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12V 7AH LiFePO4 battery

Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.
12V 7AH LiFePO4 battery


Rated Capacity: 7Ah

Nominal Voltage :12.8V

Max Charge Voltage 14.6V

Discharge Cut Off Voltage:10V

Cycle Life: ≥2000 cycles

Discharge Rate: ≤3%


Dimensions :Custom

Operating Temperature Charging: 0~45℃/Discharging:-20 ~60℃

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 60℃

Humidity :5% to 95% relative humidity

Certification: CE/RoHS/MSDS/UN38.3

Main protection function: Overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, etc.

Delivery period: 7-20 days, depending on stock and quantity.

Encapsulation Customized is available

Warranty :5 years

[10 Years Lifetime]: Matrix 12v lithium battery was the ultimate in deep-cycle battery technology delivering unrivaled performance and battery life. HWE 12v LiFePO4 Battery can provide 4000 cycles of life, the use time can be 10 years.

[100% Protection]: Matrix 12-volt batteries built-in battery management system(BMS) technology which can protect it from overcharge, deep discharge, overload, short circuit, low self-discharge rate, and overheat for more performance and longer life.

[100% safe]: Matrix 12v 7ah LiFePO4 battery has passed the testing and certification of the UN certified inspectors. They would not fire or explode in short-circuit, acupuncture, drop, thermal shock below 130°C, and overcharge test below 30V.

[Eco Friendly]: Matrix LiFePO4 batteries are made of non-toxic renewable environmental energy sources, that will be safer and more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries. Our LiFePO4 battery has the same dimension with the 12v 7ah lead-acid battery. So you can replace the 12v 7ah lead-acid battery with our 12v 7ah LiFePO4 battery directly.

[Application Fields]: Perfect for replacing 12v 7ah lead-acid battery for ride-on toys battery, power wheels battery, fish finder battery, golf cart battery. And our LiFePO4 battery are also perfect for energy storage system, house alarm security system, emergency lighting power system, gate opener power, UPS backup power supply, outdoor camping, and household power supplies.


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