Light weight, long cycle life, high safety performance
12V 7AH LiFePO4 battery

Perfect replacement for SLA battery

Made of LiFePO4 technology with long life span of 3000 times charge cycle, which service life is 5 times of traditional SLA battery with 100% capacity and 60% lighter weight running on a nominal current of 7 Amps/hour.Twice the power of traditional battery as well as an enhancement of 5 times charging speed and 4 times discharging times of tranditional battery. This is our smallest and lightest battery suitable for industrial and outdoor using that requires fast charging of long-life batteries. Recommend LiFePO4 charger for the best performance.


Cell type:LiFePO4                Charging time:3-8H

Charging voltage: 14.6V                    Battery size:151*65*95(mm)

worksing current: 10A                       Net weight:0.8kg

Nominal capacity: 7AH                       worksing temperature:0-65°C

Nominal voltage: 12.8V                    Scope of application:Energy storage (home alarm system, solar lighting, audio equipment power supply and etc)

Cycle times: 3000 times                  Warranty time:5 years


All MATRIX batteries are UN 38.3,UL1642 approved and tested according to IEC62133 standard that complying with all international regulations on air,sea, land and train transportation.

*The product parameters are for reference only, and the specific parameters are subject to the contract