Suitable for long-term work in harsh environments.
12V 55AH LiFePO4 battery

Deep cycle LiFePO4 battery

Matrix 12V55Ah LiFePO4 is designed to provide high performance under the harshest conditions and is not suitable for starting gasoline engines.

Twice the power and 4 times service life span of SLA based on half weight, it can offer electricity a whole day for Industrial applications such as medium-sized trolling motors and perfectly suitable for deep cycle applications that require large amounts of power for long periods of time.

Recommend 10A LiFePO4 charger for best performance.55Ah battery capacity 


Cell type: LiFePO4                     Charging time:3-8H

Charging voltage: 14.6V                    Battery size:229*138*208(mm)

worksing current: 50A                       Net weight:6.5kg

Nominal capacity: 55AH                     worksing temperature:0-65°C

Nominal voltage: 12.8V                    Scope of application:Energy storage (fish finder, boating electronic equipment and off-grid photovoltaic energy storage)

Cycle times: 3000 times                   Warranty time:5 years


All MATRIX batteries are UN 38.3,UL1642 approved and tested according to IEC62133 standard that complying with all international regulations on air,sea, land and train transportation.

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