Built-in BMS protection, fast charging and large capacity.
12V 100AH LiFePO4 battery

Experience the difference of MATRIX  (LiFePO4)

With a strong impact made of LiFePO4 technology, service life of 12V100Ah battery is 4 times of traditional SLA battery also twice the power of that based on half weight. It can provide electricity a whole day for the high-amp trolling motor which is suitable for deep-cycle applications such as trolling motors, solar storage or boating that require a large amount of electricity for a long time.

5 years warranty.Recommend LiFePO4 charger for the best performance.


Cell type: LiFePO4                     Charging time:3-8H

Charging voltage: 14.6V                    Battery size:330*172*220(mm)

worksing current: 100A                     Net weight:12kg

Nominal capacity: 100AH                   worksing temperature:0-65°C

Nominal voltage: 12.8V                    Scope of application:Energy storage (only for deep cycle use, not suitable for starting gasoline engines)

Cycle times: 3000 times                    Warranty time:5 years


All MATRIX batteries are UN 38.3,UL1642 approved and tested according to IEC62133 standard that complying with all international regulations on air,sea, land and train transportation.

*The product parameters are for reference only, and the specific parameters are subject to the contract