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Ph.D workstation

In order to actively respond to the document requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on the Energy Production and Consumption Revolution Strategy (2016-2030),

At the beginning of 2020, with the approval of higher authorities, WuMing, , ChenShijie, who are Doctor of Engineering and ChenZheng also a professor and PhD tutor, Jointly established a post-doctoral research station "Lithium Battery" in the Huizhou Matrix Industrial Park. The main research directions are: power battery management, motor drive control, and intelligent control algorithms.

power electronics and power technology, wireless charging technology, electric motorcycle design, manufacturing and research on charging piles, etc.

It has attracted a large number of high-tech talents in the new energy industry to join, and the research results have also been fruitful since the establishment of the workstation.Such as the publishment of 3 monographs (including editing) and more than 130 papers, more than 70 SCI papers are among these and there are also 8 invention patents. In today’s industrial structure adjustment trend from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”, technological innovation represented by smart manufacturing is a huge engine for the country’s economic development. The "Matrix Lithium Battery" post-doctoral research station will be given a more important significance of the times as the "combination of production, education and research" under the new model, and will make unremitting efforts to comprehensively improve the industrial technology level and international competitiveness of China's new energy development strategy!

Main technical staff
Wu MingPh.D
From 2017 to present, he joined Smart Internet of Things and served as CTO, presided over the design and manufacturing of electric vehicle charging piles, electric motorcycle charging piles, and electric motorcycles and complete vehicles.