Core Strengths

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Innovative R&D capabilities

At the beginning of 2020, our company, together with Wu Ming (engineering doctor), Chen Zheng (Engineering doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor) and Chen Shijie (engineering doctor), the top RESEARCH and development team in the lithium battery industry, jointly established the Matrix Lithium Battery Postdoctoral Research Workstation in the Matrix Industrial Park in Huizhou.

The main research directions are: power battery management, motor drive control, intelligent control algorithms, power electronics and power technology, wireless charging technology, electric motorcycle design, manufacturing and research on charging piles, etc.

PACK Design Capability

The Matrix team has extensive experience in PACK design and can design products to meet a wide range of characteristics such as firm, vibration resistance, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation according to different space layouts.

We use computer-aided simulation design to eliminate more than 80% of hidden problems before trial production.

Electrical conductivity
Vibration resistance
Heat dissipation
Stable Production capability

Matrix has a deep strategic cooperation with the global high-end battery cell brand , to provide our long-term reliable and stable high-quality battery cell; Matrix has top equipment to assist production, establish a complete standard quality system to ensure the rate of good products.

Electrical protection
Chemical energy protection
Environmental resistance
Sealing performance
Intelligent Management Capability

Traceable management of raw material sources through the establishment of a database management system and ERP system, as well as visual connection and traceability from the production line to the end user through IoT technology.

Battery balance management: providing customers with battery IOT (battery charging + BMS + GPS positioning + background big data + inverter)

Matrix Battery - Manufacture Pack with Craftsmanship Spirit
The attitude of single-mindedly facing the subject at hand is a corporate culture that is unique to the high-tech industry. We believe that continued evolution is the value of our existence.
Two-wheeler PACK
Innovative research and development capabilities
Stable production capacity
PACK design ability
Intelligent management ability