Factory base

01.Automatic production line
Floor space 8000㎡
Personnel/Equipment 150

1. Distribute, detect and sort materials quickly;

2. Safety and standardization, simplify the production process;

3. High precision, high efficiency, serialization and high automation;

4. The produced lithium battery has better consistency, high reliability and safety performance and pass-through yield.

02.Aging test
Covers an area of 2000m²
Personnel/Equipment 20

1. Make the electrolyte infiltration better, which is conducive to the stability of lithium battery performance;

2. After the active material in the positive and negative materials is aged, it can promote the acceleration of some side effects, such as gas production, electrolyte decomposition, etc., so that the electrochemical performance of the lithium battery pack can quickly stabilize;

3. Consistency screening of lithium battery packs through aging test。

03.Storage area
Covers an area of 2000m²
Personnel/Equipment 5

Responsible for the storage, storage, inventory control, outgoing, and distribution management of various raw materials, auxiliary materials, finished products, parts, equipment and other materials of the enterprise.

Covers an area of 1000m²
Personnel/Equipment 30

The ISO9001 standard is implemented to clearly divide, plan and coordinate the responsibilities and authorities of each department, so that the enterprise can carry out various activities in an effective and orderly manner.